Names and addresses of researchers involved in the science of spongiform encephalopathies: A-B

This does not include the names of people exclusively working on human disease for which you must go to the section onmedical researchers. Because it is full of scientists, the list is so long (over 400 at present) could I ask you to jump to the right section by clicking on to a specific letter
Because some browsers have difficulty taking all the data into a single page and are refusing we have had to turn it into two pages. It is clear that the sheer number of people working on the subject has expanded dramatically over the past few months.
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Acutis, Pier Luigi Istituto Zooprofilattico del Piemonte
Via Bologna 148
I-i 0154 Tori
Phone: 0039-011-2686245
Fax: 0039-0l1-2487770
Scrapie in Italy

Adair, B
Queen University
Department of Veterinary Sciences
Supplying BSE material to Swedish group and Dublin group concerned with looking for diagnostic test for TSEs using monoclonals (not from prionics)

Adjou, KT
Service de Neurovirologie,
CEA, Fontenay aux Roses, France
Has attempted to look for the effect of amphoteracin derivatives on the incubation period of scrapie in animals

Agerholm, Jorgen
Danish Veterinary Laboratory
Dept. of Pathology and Epidemiology
Billowsvej 27
DK-1790 Copenhagen V
Phone: 0045-35-300182
Fax: 0045-35-300181
Email: jsa@svs.dkF

Agrimi, Umberto
Istituto Superiore di Sanita'
Laboratory of Veterinary Medicine
Viale Regina Elena 299
1-00161 Rome
Phone: 0039-06-49902848
Fax: 0039-06-49307077

Aguzzi, Adriano
Professor of Neuropathology and Head,
National Reference Center for Human Prion Diseases
Institute of Neuropathology
University Hospital of Zurich
Schmelbergstrasse 12
0041 1 255 2107
Fax: ++41-1-255 4402
pager: ++41-1-255 1111, ask for 124 482
Researching into the mode of infection and the way in which the agent passes to the brain. Very good research into brain tissue implants.

Aherne, Margaret
University College Dublin, Veterinary
Animal Husbandry and Production
Dublin 4, Ireland
Phone: 00353-1-6687988
Fax: 353-1-6600883
Email: margaret.aherne
PrP genetics in sheep and presumably cattle

Aiken, Judd M.
University of Wiscons-Madison
Animal Health and Biomedical Sciences
Linden Drive
Madison, WI 53706
Phone: 001-608-262-7362
Fax: 001-608-262-7420
worked with Richard Marsh
Transition metals, animals with TSE

Aitken A.
Division of Protein Structure
National Institute for Medical Research
The Ridgeway
Mill Hill
London NW7 1A.
Now at University of Edinburgh
Biomedical Sciences
George Square
Edinburgh EH8 9XD
Phone: 0044-131-650-3721
Fax: 0044-131-650-3711
Working on the 14-3-3 proteins in TSEs

Almond, Jeff. Professor
University of Reading Department of Virology Berkshire,
01734 875123
FAX 01734 316671
Now at
Pasteur Merieux Connaught
1541 Avenue Marcel Merieux
69280 Marcy l'Etoile
Phone: 0033-4-37379453
Fax: 0033-4-3737-9157
Formerly in SEAC now working for pharmaceuticals at Lyon

Alpers, Michael
Papua Nw Guinea Institute for Medical Research
Box 60
Eastern Highland Province

Anderson, Roy
Oxford University
Professor of Zoology
Intersted in the expidemiology of the diseases
01865 271234
Interested in the epidemiological models of BSE and making predictions

Anderton, BH,
Deprtment of Neuropathology
Institute of Psychiatry
De Crespigney Park
Denmark Hill
London SE5 8AF
Involved in the host genetic factors in transmission and pathology of prion disease

Andreoletti, Olivier
Ecole Nationale Veterinaire
23 Chemin des Capelles
F-31076 Toulouse
Phone: 0033-5-61193892
Fax: 0033-5-61-193962
Immunohistochemical diagnosis of scrapie in sheep

Antoine, Nadine
Universite' de Liege
Rue de Pitteurs, 20
B-4020 Liege
Phone: 0032-4-366-5174
Fax: 0032-4-366-5173
Email: nadine.antoine @
PrPc expression on body cells

Appel, Thomas R.
Universitit Dusseldorf
Institut fjir Physikalische Biologie
Gebaude 26.12
40223 Dflsseldort
Phone: 0211-8114702
Fax: 0211-811-5167
Glucose polysaccharide scaffold of prion rods, other factors of prion rods

Asher, David
Laboratory of Methods Development,
Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER)
Food and Drugs Administration
1401 Rockville Pike
Maryland 20852-1448
301 594 6432
fax 301 827 4622
Formerly with Gajdusek's group

Austen, Tony
Formerly of CVL, Weybridge, Surrey, KT15 3NB
but now working from home:
Oak Farm
Hartsden Bottom
Henley on Thames RG9 4HY
01491 572742
Fax 01491 572742
Excellent scientist with ideas about BSE transfer. Formerly ran many of the experiments for MAFF and so was aware that some of them were poorly designed.

Axelrad, Herbert
Lab. Cerebellar Neurobiology
Facuite' de Medecine
91, bd de l'Hopital
F-75013 Paris
Cerebellar PrP pathology

Baer, George
Center for Disease Control Atlanta
404 639 1050
Involved in rabies and was doing under the table work on BSE with the USDA originally

Baker, Harry
Innes Building School Clinical Veterinary Medicine
Madingley Rd
Cambridge CB3 0ES UK
was with Collinge in Northwick Pk

Baldwin, Michael
Department of Neurology
University of California
San Francisco
California 94143-0518
Involved in the neurological identification of samples and patients with CJD for Prusiners groups

Michael Baler
Nordufer 20
13353 Berlin
Protein and gene markers for scrapie
Barbier, Marc
Sociologist. Looking into the sociological changes that have gone with the BSE epidemic

Marc Barbier
Institut National de la Recherche
Domaine Universitaire BP 47X
F-38040 Grenoble
Phone: 0033-4-76827S82
Fax: 0033-4-76825455
Has followed up the publications on TSEs and growth of its research

Barbieri, Ilaria
Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale
Via Bianchi 9
1-25124 Brescia
Phone: 0039-30-2290309
Fax. 0039-30-225613
Email: capucci
Scrapie and genetics

Barclay, Robin G.
Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service
Academic Unit, Edinburgh
Lauriston Building, Lauriston Place
Edinburgh EH3 9IIB
Phone: 0044-131-225-9413
Fax: 0044-131-225-9469
Following PrPc production and presence in blood cells

Barlow, Dick
London Veterinary School Royal Veterinary College
North Mymms Herts UK AL9 7TA
Now gone to Australia. Did the original work on mouse inoculation of BS. They say he has come back and now is contactable through CVL

Barnard, Geoff
Southanmpton General Hospital
Department of Chemical Pathology
Southampton S016 6Y1
Phone: 0044-775934491
Infection assessment using methods like DELFIA
Baron, Henry
Centre de Recherche de Vitry-Alfortville,
13 Quai Jules Guesde BP 14
Vitry sur Seine Cedex
0033 1 557 13566
Fax 0033 1 557 18094
working on methods of diagnosis using transgenic mice and high sensitivity assays of PrP

Baron, Thierry G
AFSSA, Agence Francaise de Securite
Sanitaire des Aliments
Laboratoire de Pathologie Bovine
31 avenue Tony Garnier BP7033
F-69342 Lyon cedex 7
Phone: 0033-4-7872-6543
FSE, BSE transmissions, transgenics, FDCs

Barrage, Thomas
Department of Virology
NY State Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Diseases,
Forest Hill Rd Staten Island,
New York 10314 USA
718 494 0600
Now left. Pushed around working on SE in brain and electron microscopy.

Rona M. Barron
Institute for Animal Health
Neuropathogenesis Unit
Ogston Building, KB
West Mains Road
Edinburgh EH9 3JF
Phone: 0044-131-667-5204
Fax: 0044-131-668-3872
Seeking DNA in agent

University College Dublin
Vet. Pathology
Shelbourne Road
Dublin 4, Ireland
Phone: 00353-1-66879882683
Fax: 00353-1-6603422
CSF pathology

Bastian , F
Division of Neuropathology University of Maryland School of Medicine
Baltimore Maryland USA 21201
USA 334 460 7330
Interested, particularly in the spiroplasma aspect of theories.

Baxter, Helen
University of Edinburgh
Dept. of Biomedical Sciences
George Square
Edinburgh E118 9XD
Phone: 0044-1-650-3877
Fax: 0044-1-650-3711

Baybutt, Herbert N.
Institute for Animal Health
Neuropathogenesis Unit
West Mains Road
Edinburgh EH9 3JF
Phone: 0044-131-667-5204
Fax: 0044-131-668-3872
Email: herbert.baybutt@
PrP gene expression

Matthew Baylis
Institute for Animal Health
Dept. of Mathematical Biology
Compton, Newbury
Phone: 0044-1635-577-282
Fax: 0044-1635-577237
Genotype variation among sheep with scrapie

Beekes, Michael
Bahnhofstrasse 45c,
14624 Dallgoir Berlin Germany
0049 3322 206363 (home) 304547 2396/2214
Phd students of Diringer
Robert Koch Institut
Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies
Nordufer 20
13353 Berlin
Phone: 030-4547-2396
Fax: 030-4547-2609
Wide range of experience.

Behring, BI
Institut fur Neuropathologie, Univerisitat Gottingen
37070 Gottingen Germany
0049 551 39 2700
Works with Kretzschmar

Beldauf, Elizabeth
Bahnhofstrasse 45c,
14624 Dallgoir Berlin Germany
0049 3322 206363 (home) 304547 2396/2214
Phd student of Diringer and working with Beekes

Bencsik, Anna
AFSSA, Agence Francaise de Securite'
Sanitaire des Aliments
Laboratoire de Pathologie Bovine
31 avenue Tony Garnier
F-69342 Lyon cedex 7
Phone: 003-4-7872-6543
Fax: 0033-4-78-61-9145
Molecular manipulation of DNA

Bendheim, Paul
Department of Virology NY State Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Diseases,
Forest Hill Rd Staten Island,
New York 10311
USA 718 494 0600

Benestad, Sylvie L.
National Veterinary Institute
Dep. of Pathology
P.O. Box 8156 Dep.
N-0033 OsloPhone: 0047-22-964679
Fax: 0047-22565969
Scrapie case reports

Bennett, Alan
Institute for Animal Health
RG20 7NN, UK
01635 578411
Involved in research projects into potential methods of treatment for TSE, cell culture, and presumably the transfer of PrP gene promoters and enhancers into other cancerous cell lines

Bergan, Tom
Professor of Microbiology
University of Oslo
and Riskhospitalet,
Involved in writing review on the subject to Int Soc Chemotherapy

Berthon, Patricia
Laboratoire de Pathologie Infectieuse et
F-37380 Nouzilly
Phone: 0033-2-4742-7874
Fax: 0033-2-47427779

Betmouni, S
CNS Inflammation Group,
Department of Pharmacology
University of Oxford
01865 271588
At the moment looking at the inflammatory chemicals produced as a result of infection of specific cellular forms in the brain or eye.

Bevanger, Lars
145 Buchanan Gdns,
Kensal Rise
London NW10 5AA
0181 964 2072
Involved in PhD in the journalism of BSE

Biacabe, Anne G.
Hopital Neurologique et Neuro-Chirurgical
Pierre Wertheimer
59, Boulevard Pinel
F-69003 Lyon
Phone: 0033-4-7235-7684
Fax: 0033-4-72357688
Biological markers for CJD

Bieschke, Jan
Max-Planck Institut fur Biophysikal.
Biochemische Kinetik (081)
AmFassberg 11
37077 Goettingen
Phone: 0551-201-1682
Fax: 0551-201-1435
Diagnostics of CJD. Confocal laser

Birkett, Christopher
Institute for Animal Health,
Berkshire RG20 7NN
01635 578411
fax 01625 577263
Looking into the methods of treatment for TSE using cell culture. Involved in many projects

Blundell, Tom
Birkbeck College
Malet St London WC1E 7HX
MAFF 0171 631 6284
In charge of BBSRC money for BSE research

Bockman, Geoffrey
Department of Microbiology George Washington University
DC. USA 20037

Bodemer, W
Deutsches Primatenzentrum Abteilung Virologie and Immunology Kellnerweg 4,
D 77077 Gottinghen,
0049 551 3851 0 153
involved with animal work
Boellaard, JW
Institute for Brain Research University of Tubingen
Federal Republic of Germany

Bolis CG
Institute of Pharmacological Sciences
Faculty of Pharmacy
University of Milan
Involved in the identification and characterisation of PrP in fish

Bolton, David
Department of Virology NY State Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Diseases, Forest Hill Rd Staten Island,
New York 10314 USA
USA 718 494 0600
Major discoverer or the protein resistant to proteinase K in the brain

Bons, Noelle
Neuromorphologie fonctionelle
Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes
Universite Monpellier 11
34095 Monpellier cedex 5
Found the spontaneous spongiform encephalopathy in the rhesus, and other primates
Phone: 0033-4-6752-4008
Fax: 0033-4-67633327

Borchardt, Lynne
Department of Veterinary Science Unversity of Wisconsin,
Madison, Wisconsin, USA 53706
with Richard Marsh

Bossers, Alex
Institute for Animal Science and Health
Centraal Diergeneeskundig Institut, Lelystad
0031 320 273911
Tel: +31-(0)320-238273
Fax: +31-(0)320-238153/238050
Worked in the study to find out how easy it is to transmit a TSE from one species to another and how this relates to the molecular biology. Worked with the group in Rocky Mountain Labs and Compton

Bostock, Chriss
Institute for Animal Health
Compton Berkshire UK
01635 578411
Fax 01635 577237
BBSRC Research Unit man on BSE based at Compton

Bountiff, Lynne
IAH Compton
Newbury RG2O 7NN
Phone: 0044-1635-578411
Fax: 0044-1635-577263
Worked with Narang under Oxford. sent by MAFF. Narang feels that she hindered his work
May have descovered indications that infective material is soluble under certain conditions.

Bragason, Birkir Th.
Keldur, Institute for Experimental
Molecular Biology
Reykjavik 112
Phone: 00354-567-4700
Fax: 00354-567-3979

Brandel, Jean-Philippe
47 Boulevard de l'Hopital
F-75651 Paris, Cedex 13
Phone: 0033-42-16-2552
Fax: 6033-1-42-162541

Brandner, Sebastian
Institute of Neuropathology
University Hospital
Schmelzbergstr. 12
CH-S091 Ztirich
Phone: 0041-1-255-2849
Fax: 0041-1-255-4402
neuroplantation of embryonic stem cells

Bratberg, Bjorn
National Veterinary Institute
Dep. of Pathology
P.O. Box 8156 DepL
N-0033 Oslo
Phone: 0047-2296-4680
Fax: 0047-22565969
Scrapie genotype of sheep

Breeze, Roger
PO Box 5677
Georgia, 30604 USA
USDA man
Office of Director, South Atlantic Area, interested in BSE research
FAX -3398

Breslin, Philip
University College Dublin
Vet. Pathology
Shelbourne Road
Dublin 4, Ireland
Phone: 00353-1-6687988-2683
Fax: 00353-1-6687988
Brain stem cell loss and BSE pathology

Bridges, Les
Neuropathology Dept
Leeds University
1 Thoresby Place
Leeds LS2 9JT
0113 243 1751
Working on potential test in urine for TSEs (electron microscopy?)

Brown, Paul
Laboratory of Central Nervous Studies,
National Insitute of Health Bethesda,
Maryland USA 20892
USA 301 496 4000
301 496 5292 (direct)
With Gajdusek's group, now the major advisor to the US Government. Major work on infectivity, blood infectivity, agent, treatment etc

Brown, Fred
PO Box 848 Greenpost NY 11944 USA
USDA man involved in scrapie.
? ex military Known as being a toughy, was on SEAC, ran the island farm for testing cattle in USA against BSE

Brugere-Picoux J.
Ecole Nationale Veterinaire
94700 Maisons Aefer (?)
0033 1 4396 7122
Fax 0033 1 4396 0967
Has worked on scrapie and the electrophoresis of the urine for diagnosis

Bruce, Moira
Institute for Animal Health BBSRC and MRC Neuropathogenesis Unit
King's Building Campus,
West Mains Rd Edinburgh
0131 667 5204.
Phone: 0044-131-166-75204
Fax: 0044-131-6683872
Scrapie pathogenesis

Buchholz, Malte
Universitat Goettingen
Robert-Koch-Str. 40
37075 Goettingen
Phone: 0551-398470
Fax: 0551-398472
species barrier vs PrP structure

Buchmaier, Michael
Department of Immunology Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation
La Jolla California 92037 USA

Budka , H
Austrian Reference Center for Human Prion Diseases and Institute of Neurology University of Vienna
AKH 04J, PF48
43-1-40400-5504, -5501, 5573
Fax -5511, -5573
e-mail H.
Tubulovesicular structures in brain. Involved in many official groups of TSE work. Neuropathologist

Burdon, Douglas
Queen Elizabeth Hosp
Birmingham, UK
B15 2TH
0121 472 1311
The expert on the replicating agent found in the gut of humans that has the characteristics shared with CJD agent. A quiet unaggressive man with a lot of knowledge of the subject

Burkle, Alexander
Deutsches Krebsforschungzentrum,
Forschungsschwerpunkt Angewandte
Abteilung 0610,
Jun Neuenhaimer Feld 242,
69120 Heidelburg, Germany
0049 6221 42 4982
Has been involved in a number of the genetic modification experimental groups concerning the necessity of certain parts of the PrP gene. apoptosis, staining and prion rod fragments

Burridge MJ.
Department of Pathobiology
College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Florida
Box 110880
Gainsville, Florida,
USA. 32611-0880
Interested on BSE and its potential in the USA.

Buschmann, Anne
Federal Research Centre for Virus Diseases
in Animals
Paul-Ehrlich-Str. 28
72076 Tubingen
Phone: 07071-967277
Fax: 07071-967305
Email: anne.buschmann @
Transgenics and strain of TSE transfer

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