Names and addresses of researchers involved in the science of spongiform encephalopathies: H-J

This does not include the names of people exclusively working on human disease for which you must go to the section onmedical researchers.
Haase, A
University of Minnesota Department of Microbiology
USA 55455

Hadlow, William
National Institute of Health Laborotory for Persistent Vial Diseases,
Rocky Mountain Laboratories,
Montana USA 59840
406 363 3211
Was with Tyrrell, lots of research in 60s/70s

Halliday, Sue
Institute for Animal Health Pathology
Compton, Newbury, RG20 7NN
0044 1632 578411
fax 0044 1635 577263
Cellular expression of PrPc in blood and lymphoid tissue.

Haraguchi, T
Department of Neurology, Biochemistry and Biophysics,
University of California,
San Francisco 94134 USA
415 476 4482
Under Prusiner.

Harrington, Michael
Mailstop 139/74
California Inst of Technology
California 91125
Developed the test for 14-3-3 protein in CSF as a test for TSE.

Harris, David A
Dept of Cell Biology & Physiology
Washington University School of Medicine
660 South Euclid Ave.
St- Louis, MO 63110 USA
Tel: 314-3624690
Fax: 314-362-7463
His department is involved with the intracellular distribution and kinetics of PrPc. has a cell line that appears to be spontaneously infected with PrPsc. Molecular biology, did the work in clathrin coated pits being involved in the endocytosis of PrP
Hauw, Jean Jaques
Laboratoire de Neuropathologie R. Escourolle,
Hopital de la Salpetriere
47 Bd de l'hopital
Phone: 0033-142161880
Fax: 0033-144239828
Neuropathological variation wrt codon 129 in CJD Tubulovesicular sctructures in brain

Head, Mark CJD Unit Edinburgh Western Hospital

Healy, Anne M.
University College Dublin
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Shelbourne Road, Ballsbridge
Dublin 4
Phone: 00353-1-668-7988

Heaphy, Shaun
MRC Senior Research Fellow
University of Leicester
Fairly biochemical researcher interested initially in HIV but has gone into prions.

Heim Dagmar
Bundesamt fur Beterinarwesen
Schwarzenburgstr. 161
CH-3003, Bern
0041 31 3249993
fax 0041 31 323 8549
Epidemiology of BSE: major researcher in Switzerland.

Heinen Ernst
Universite' de Liege
Rue de Pitteurs, 20
B-4020 Liege
Phone: 0032-4-366-5170
Fax: 0032-4-366-5173
PrP isoforms, expression on specific cells.

Hempfling, Petra
Paul-Ehriich Institut
Medical Biotechnology 6/2
Paul-Ehriich-Str. 51-59
63225 Langen
Phone: 06103-775108
Fax: 06103-771255
Genes that suggest the clinical syndrome for CJD

Hennion, Ruth
Institute for Animal Health,
Berkshire RG20 7NN
01635 578411
Has been involved in the immunodetection of PrPsc in animal tissues

Hepburne-Scott, Henry W.
Institute for Animal Health
Immunology and Pathology
Compton, Newbury RG2O 7NN
Phone: 0044-1635-578411
Fax: 0044-1635-577263
DELFIA and PrP measurement in tissues.

Heyman, David
World Health Organisation
Involved in the risks to humans from CJD and BSE

Heynkes, Roland
52072 Aachen
Tel. 0049/241/932070
web site and research. Hypotheses.

Hill, Andrew
Neruogenetics Unit
Imperial College School of Medicine
St Mary's Hospital
London W2 1PG
Phone: 00-171-5943760
Fax: 0044-171-7067094
Collinge's group involved in biochemical factors of scrapie strains. (I would not be surprised if his email address changes)

Eric Hodson
Graduate School of Public Health, SDSU
1006 Ramsay St, Alexandria, VA 22301
703 960 4501
703 222 3578
An interesting man with ideas that is worth contacting

Hoek, Alles
Veterinary Laboratories Agency
Woodliam Lane
Addlestone, Surrey KT15 3NB
Phone: 0044-1932-357621
Fax: 0044-1932-349983
Scrapie epidemiology

Hoffman, A
Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Hoinville, Linda
Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food
Veterinary Laboratories Agency
New Haw
Addlestone, Surrrey KT15 3NB
Phone: 0044-1932-357495
Fax: 0044-1932-349983
MAFF 019323 41111 or 0181 694 0693
One of the major researchers into epidemiology with Wilesmith

Holada, Karel
Laboratory of Cellular Hematology
Center for Biologics Evaluation and
Rockville, Maryland 20852
Phone: 001-301-496-2577
Fax: 001-301-402-2780
PrP distribution in blood and tissues.

Holt, Tim
Now a GP in Whitby, North Yorkshire.
He was the first person to publish on BSE in the BMJ in 1988

Holyoak G. Reed
USU Scrapie Project, director
UMC 5600
Utah State University
Utah 84322
Fax 801 797 3959
Areas of interst are scrapie transmision studes using embryo transfer, the correalation of genotype and incubation length, scrapie pathogenesis and live animal diagnostics.

Honstead , J
USDA National Center for Agricultural Utilisation Research
Peoria Ilinois
67604 USA

Edward A. Hoover
Colorado State University
College of Veterinary Medicine
Department of Pathology
Fort Collins, Colorado 80523-1671
Phone: 001-970-491-7587
Fax: 001-970-491-0603
PrP distributions in human blood.

Hope, Jim
Institute for Animal Health BBSRC and MRC Neuropathogenesis Unit
King's Building Campus,
West Mains Rd
0131 667 5204. Edinburgh Univ 0131 650 1000
Now working mainly at the Compton Lab 01635 578411
In charge of molecular biology, working on a methods of treatment now

Hopp, P
Section of Epidemiology
National Veterinary Institute
Involved in the epidemiology statistics concerning the current outbreak of scrapie in Norway

Horiuchi, Motoidro
Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
Department of Veterinary Public Health
Inada-cho, 080-8555 Obihiro
Phone: 0081-155-49-5390
Fax: 0081-155-49-5394

Hornlimann Beat,
Swiss Public Health Office
Section for Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases
3097 Liebfield
better address:
Gesundheitsdirektion Zug
Zentrales Verwaltungsgeba'ude
CH-6301 Zug
Phone: 0041-79-2776343
Fax: 004141-7283535
Email: Switzerland.

Hourigan, James
2598 Babcock Rd
USA 22181

Houston, Fiona
Institute for Animal Health
RG20 7NN
01635 577294
Phone: 0044-1635-578411 Fax: 0044-1635-577263 Email:
Woking on the scrapie research section

Hsiao, Karen
Department of Neurology, Biochemistry and Biophysics,
University of California,
San Francisco
94134 USA
415 476 4482
Under Prusiner.

Huang, Z
Dept of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
University of California
San Francisco
CA 94143
Structural conformation of prion protein

Huber, Rahel
Bmdesamt fur Veterinarwesen
Schwartzenburgstr. 161
CH-3003 Bern
Phone: 0041-31-332-0156
Fax: 0041-031-323-8594
Prion neuronvasion: Aguzzi's group

Hundt, Christoph
Institut fur Biochemie
Feodor-Lynen-Str. 25
81377 Munchen
Phone: 089-2180-6559
Fax: 089-2180-6999
Cellular molecule interaction: laminin, heparans, PrP

Hunsman, G
Deutsches Primatenzentrum Abteilung Virologie and Immunology
Kellnerweg 4,
D 77077 Gottinghen,
0049 551 3851 0 153
involved with animal work

Hunter, Gordon
Ex directory of the Insitute of Animal Health.
Interested in BSE. and critical of the use of the mouse as animal to inoculate to tell whether tissues are infective to humans

Hunter, Nora
Institute for Animal Health BBSRC and MRC Neuropathogenesis Unit
King's Building Campus,
West Mains Rd
0131 667 5204. Edinburgh Univ 0131 650 1000
Phone: 0044-131-16675204
Fax: 0044-131-6683872
Email: nora.hunter@
She is particularly in to the genetic variation between animals that develop scrapie and those that dont. She has also done the work concerned with BSE in cattle and found so far that little variation is present that is associated with the disease

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Iniguez, Volga
University of Madison Wisconsin
Linden Drive 1655
Madison, Wisconsin 53706
Phone: 001-608-262-0427
Fax: 001-608-262-7420
Transition metals, PrP tirtiary structure.

Ironside, James
Department of Neurology Edinburgh
Western General Infirmary Edinburgh
Edinburgh EH4 2XU
0131 332 2525 direct: 332 2117
Phone: 0044-131-5371975
Fax: 0044-131-5371013
Came from Leeds; neuropathologist at CJD Unit in Edinburgh. Was involved in discovery of apparently new strains of CJD

Jackman, Roy
Central Veterinary Laboratory
East Haw
Weybridge, UK
019323 41111
Now working with a German group concerned with the relationship between the conformation of PrP with infectivity. Involved with the Delfia methods for diagnosis and measurement of PrP.

Jackson, Graham
Department of Neurogenetics
MRC Prion Unit
Imperial College School of Medicine at St. Mary's
Norfolk Place
London W2 1PG
Phone: 0044-171-594-3760
Fax: 0044-171-7067094
Structure of PrP. Metal ions.

Jackson, Mathew
Nottingham Medical School
Department of Neurology
0115 9515151 or try 0115 9249924
Was the research registrar, not working on this subject now.

Jansen, Katja
Heinrich-Heine Universitat
Inst fur Physikalische Biologie
Universitatsstr. 1
40225 Dissseldorf
Phone: 0211-81-14703
Fax: 0211-81-15167
rPrP secondary structure and aggregation (NB this was used as a method of identifying PrP in fluid)

Jarp, J
Section of Epidemiology
National Veterinary Institute
Involved in the epidemiology statistics concerning the current outbreak of scrapie in Norway

Jarrett, Oswald
Virology Department Glasgow University
Veterinary College
0131 339 8855
? may have given up. Was to do animal expts with BSE

Jeffcott, LB
Department of Veterinary Science,
University of Melbourne Victoria

Jeffrey, Martin
VLA Lasswade Laboratory
Bush Estate
Phone: 0044-131-4455371
Fax: 0044-131-4455504
Testing quantitative neuronal cell loss in scrapie infected mice, specific cells involved with the multiplication, retention and transport of prion infection around the body. He may consider that macrophages may be involved with transport.

Jefferys, John
Neuronal Networks Group
Dept of Physiology and Biophysics
St. Mary's Hosp Medical School
Norfolk Place,
London W2 1PG
Neurophysiology of prion disease and the apparent neurological damage that not having a prion protein produces, has been very well funded by the MRC for work on brain pathophysiology in experimental models of human TSEs
If not at the above address, try Dept of Physiology, Univ of Birmingham, B15 2TT

Jones, Ian
Department of Virology
Oxford University
01865 270000
Working on molecular biology and structure of the prion form.

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