Names and addresses of researchers involved in the science of spongiform encephalopathies: M-N

This does not include the names of people exclusively working on human disease for which you must go to the section onmedical researchers.

MacGreggor, Ian
Scottish Blood Transfusion Service
National Science laboratory
12 Bristol Pl
Edinburg EH1 IEY
Phone: 0044 131 225 2875
Fax: 0044 131 220 1893
Involved in work on pentosan polysulphate and other polysulphonated polyglycosides and the distributions of PrP in human blood

Madden, Sean
Veterinary Laboratories Agency
laboratory Testing Department
Job's Well Road, Johnstown
Carmarthen SA31 3E2
Phone: 0044-1267-235244
Fax: 0044-1267-236549
Assessment of DELFIA

Madec, Jean-Yves
AFSSA, Agence Francaise de Securite
Sanitaire des Aliments
Laboratoire de Pathologie Bovine
31 avenue Tony Garnier
F-69342 Lyon cedex 7
Phone: 0033-3-78726543
Fax: 0033-4-78619145
Email: Chimeric and transgenic mice

Mallie-Didier, Francoise
Hopital Neurologique et Neuro-chirurgical
Perre @Wertheimer
59 Bde Pinel
F-69003 Lyon
Phone: 0033 4 72357677
Fax: 0033 4 72357688
CJD Histopathology

Malucci, Giovanna
MRC Prion Unit
Norfolk Place
London W2 1PG
Phone: OO44-171-594-3794
Fax: 0044-171-706-7094
CJD familial inherited prion disease genetics

Mange, Alain
Biolegie des Encephalopathies
141 Rue de In Cardonille
F-34396 Montpellier
Phone: 0033 499 619930
Fax: 0033 499 619901

Manser ,Jacquie
TSE Resource Centre
Institute for Animal Health
RG20 7NN
Phone: 0044-1635-577294
Fax: 0044-1635-577295
01635 577294
In charge of the centre for the supply of TSE material to external researchers

Manson Jean
Institute for Animal Health BBSRC and MRC Neuropathogenesis Unit
King's Building Campus,
West Mains Rd
0131 667 5204. Edinburgh Univ 0131 650 1000
Phone: 0044-131-667-5204
Fax: 0044-131-668-3872
Email: jean.manson
Her recent demonstration that the PrP and Sinc genes were identical was a bit of a climb down in a way for the group (and it is still not accepted by all). Geneticist.

Manuelidis, Laura
Yale University School of Medicine
Neurology Department
310 Cedar St
New Haven
USA 06510
203 785 4442
A determined woman with a number of heavy science papers that are difficult to get around.

Marsh, Richard
Department of Veterinary Science,
University of Wisconsin,
Main work is on transmissible mink encephalopathy. He has been putting a lot together on potential risks being taken in the USA from agricultural manufacturing methods. Died in February 1997 with cancer

Marc, Daniel
Laboratoire de Pathologie infectieuse et immunologie
F-37380 Nouzilly
Phone: 0033-247427661
Fax: OO33-247427779
PrPsc in rodent cerebellum

Markey, Bryan
Faculty of Vet. Medicine IAUCD
Vet. Microbiology & Parasitology
Dublin 4, Ireland
Phone 00353 1 668 7988
Fax 00353 1 660 8656
BSE neurohistopathology. Cell loss in bovine brain stem with BSE

Marshall, Elaine
BBSRC Inst for Animal health
Neuropathogenesis Unit
W. Mains Rd
Edinburgh EG9 3JF
0044 131 667 5204
fax 0044 131 668 3872
Ovine PrP gene expression in specific tissues

Marshall, Mike
USU Scrapie Project,
UMC 5600
Utah State University
Utah 84322
Fax 801 797 3959
scrapie transmision studes using embryo transfer, the correalation of genotype and incubation length, scrapie pathogenesis and live animal diagnostics

Martin, Stuart
Lasswade Veterinary Laboratory
Pentland Science Park Bush Loan
Penicuik Midiothian
Fax: 0044-131-4456166
Accumulation of infection and PrP in the lymphoreticular system of sheep

Martin, Trevor
Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food
Central Veterinary Laboratory
Surrey KT15 3NB
MAFF 019323 41111 or 0181 694 0693
Has done many aspects of research as parts of teams but did some of his own on the status of antioxidants in cattle with BSE

Martin, WV
Moredun Research Institute
0131 664 3262

Masel, Joanne
Oxford University
Department of Zoology
South Parks Road
Oxford OX1 3PS
Phone: 0044-1865-291543
Fax: 0044-1865-310447
Mechanism of prion propagation by kinetic analysis

Masters, Colin
Depatment of Pathology
University of Melbourne,
Parkville Victoria
Australia 3052
61 3 347 5242

Mayer, Professor
Nottingham Medical School
Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology
0115 9515151 or try 0115 9249924
into molecular biology of alzheimers and CJD

McArthur, RA
CJS Research,
Pharmacia and UpJohn SoA
viale Pasteur 10
20014 Nerviano (MI),
Involved in the studies to look for potential methods of treatment for TSE

McBride, Patricia
Institute for Animal Health BBSRC and MRC Neuropathogenesis Unit
King's Building Campus,
West Mains Rd
Edinburgh EH9 3JF UK
Edinburgh EH9 3JF
Phone: 0044-131-667-5204
Fax: 0044-131-668-3872
Accumulation of PrP in ganglia

McCaffrey Mary W.
N3 University College Park
Dept. Biochemistry
Lee Maltings, Prospect Row
Cork, Ireland
Fax: 00353-21-274034
Email: m.mccaffrey @
Endosomal PrP trafficking

McConnell, I
Institute for Animal Health BBSRC and MRC Neuropathogenesis Unit
King's Building Campus,
West Mains Rd
Edinburgh EH9 3JF
0131 667 5204. Edinburgh Univ 650 1000

McCormack, James E.
Institute for Animal Health
Neuropathogenesis Unit
West Mains Road
Edinburgh EH9 3JF
Phone: 0044-131-6675204
Fax: 0044-131-6683872
Control of PrP expression in vivo

McGill, Iain
Was at Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food
Central Veterinary Laboratory
Surrey KT15 3NB
Has left and now has personal company: Shift Limited
has website:"> (for the prion interest group)
Fax 0181 960 1131
Histologist. Knows what is really going on in CVL Difficult to get hold of and has just changed his address in South London.

McGovern, Gillian
Lasswade Veterinary Laboratory
Pentiand Science Park, Bush Loan
Peniculk EH26 OPZ
Phone: 0044-131-4456169
Fax: 0044-131-4456166
Transport of prions around the body

McGuigan, Pro. Chris
Welsh School of Pharmacy
Univ of Wales
Redwood Building
King Edward VII Ave
Cardiff CF1 3XF
01222 874537
Interested in modes of treatment and pathology

McKenzie, Debbie
Animal Health and Biomedical Sciences
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1656 Linden Drive
Maddison, WI 53706
Phone: 001-608-262-7362
Fax. 001-608-262-7420
Involved with MJ Schmerr's project on blood PrP demonstration. Transition metals on PrP structure.

McLean, Angela R.
Dept. of Mathematical Biology
Compton, Newbury
Berkshire RG2O 7NN
Phone: 0044-1635-577-312
Fax: 0044-1635-577237
Scrapie epidemiology, genotype in UK

Medley, Graham
Statistics Department
University of Warwick
01203 524456
Has repeated Dealler's statistics on the age distribution of cattle with BSE, the number of cases that we have eaten and the predictive figures.

Meeker HC
Dept of Virology
NYState Inst for Basic Research in develpmental Disabilities,
Staten Island
NY 10314-6399
See RI Carp for details of research directions. e.g. hay mites.

Philipp Meier
University of Berne
Institute of Animal Neurology
Bremgartenstr. 109a
CH-3012 Berne
Phone: 0041-1-2553167
Fax: 0041-1255-4402

Meloen RH
Laboratory for Molecular Recognition
Insitute for Animal Science and Health
Box 65
8200 AB Lelystad,
The Netherlands
00231 320 238238
Fax. 0031 320 238050
Involved in the recognition of PrP in the tonsils of sheep with scrapie

Melot ,France
Universite' de Liege
CI Rue de Pitteurs, 20
Pt' B-4020 Liege
Phone: 0032-4-366-5177
Fax: 0032-4-366-5173
Expression and demonstration of PrP on cells

Merz, PA
Department of Virology NY State Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Diseases, Forest Hill Rd
Staten Island,
New York 10314
718 494 0600
Did some of the original work into SAF

Meslin, FX
Division of Infectious Diseases
World Health Organisation
Geneva Switzerland

Meyer, Rudolf
Universitat Bern
Institute of Animal Neurology
Bremgartenstrasse 109a
CH-3012 Bern
Phone: 0041-31-631-2206
Fax: 0041-31-6312538
Detection of BSE specific PrPsc by heat and guanidine thiocyanate treatment

Mields, Wolfgang
Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food
Central Veterinary Laboratory
Surrey KT15 3NB
MAFF 019323 41111 or0181 694 0693
Now working at:
Bundesinstitut fur Gesundheitlichen
Verbraucherschutz und Veterinaarmedizin
Ailgemeine Virologie
Diedersdorfer Weg 1
12277 Berlin
Phone: 030-84122259
Fax: 030-84122952

Miller, Hugh
Mordun Research Inst
0131 664 3262

Minson, Tony
Virology Department
Tennis Ct Rd
Cambridge CB2 1QP
01223 336921
Working on PrP genes

Mohri, Shiron
Laboratory of Animal Experiments
Faculty of Medicine
Kyushu University
Kukuoka 812

Monks, Ernie
Veterinary Research Laboratory
Dublin 15
00353 1 607 2566
fax 00353 1 607 2604
Immunohistology of prion proteins. Used various techniques. PrP distribution in the tissues of sheep

Morrison, Douglas
Currently at CERN European Laboratory for Particle Physics
CH-1211 Geneva
0041 22 767 3532
fax 0041 22 767 9075
Major organiser of the Erice meeting in Sicily in 1996. Chasing up various hypotheses concerning prion multplication. Statistics also.

Moser, Markus
Prionics AG,
Universitt Zrich-Irchel,
OCI 12E28,
Winterthurerstrasse 190,
8057 Zurich
41-1-364 50 60,
fax 41-1-364 50 61,
Company formed to market the monoclonal antibody active against only the prion form of PrP

Motherway, Marie
University College Cork
Dept. of Biochemistry
Prospect Row
Cork, Ireland
Phone: 00353-21-904028
Fax: 00353-21-274034
Endosomal PrP trafficking.

Moulliet-Richard, Sophie
CNRS URA 1960,
Institut Pasteur,
25, rue du Dr Roux
F-75724 Paris
Phone: 0033-1-45688568
In vitro Prion multiplication in cell lines.

Muchmeier, Michael
National Institute of Health Laborotory for Persistent Vial Diseases,
Rocky Mountain Laboratories,
USA 59840
406 363 3211
working for Diringer originally, but knows the subject well, now with Diringer see his address

Muller, WEG
Institut fur Physiologische Chemie,
Abteilung Angewandte Molekularbiologie
Universitat Duesbergweg 6
55099 Mainz or 6500 Mainz
Carbohydrates of PrP, also into cell death due to prion induced apoptosis.
+6131 39510
Fax +6131 395243

Narang Harash
22-40 Brentwood Ave
Newcastle upon Tyne
Home 0191 281 6622
Wk 281 5311
Fax 281 0611
Mobile 0831 444 104
Shows that asymtomatic animals infected

Nash, Rob
Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research
Plas Gogerddan
Dyfed, UK
SY23 3EB
01970 828255
Investigating the changes in urine, blood and CSF biochemistry that take place during the incubation period of BSE in cattle. Probably involved in other research as well

Negro, Alessandro
University of Padova
Chimica Biologica
G. Colombo
1-35100 Padova
Phone: 0039-49-8276166
Fax: 0039-49-8276159
Expression of reporter gene under the control of the PrNP gene.

NEuW Ltd
Box 8
1 Church Meadow
Lancs OL3 7LY
01457 820326
In touch with John Howes as an expert in new methods of incineration that may be able to avoid any risk to the environment.

Newby, Martin Professor of Statistical Science,
City University,
Northampton Sq
London EC1V 0HB
0181 778 3084
Statistical work indicating that BSE will go quickly

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