Scientists and other groups involved in the transmission of a TSE by blood transfusion or blood products

This is actually quite a complex problem because people get transfusions when generally late in life and hence many of them never live long enough to see if they have caught CJD from a donor. Also, the number of people with CJD that donate blood must be very small. These two factors lead to the result that we simply do not know if BT actually transmits the disease at all. An american group has been set up to look at the problem. Attempts at research have been carried out in the past in animals and it has been found that blood contains the infectious agent, and that only small amounts of the infection are needed to be infused to cause disease. However, the research in humans is very poor. The argument about CJD has been going on for some time but a committee has started up in USA to look into it. The real question is the number of humans are already incubating BSE (N.B. it will be effectively CJD once in the human body) and hence our blood is already infective).

There are some good articles on the site and a full discussion on blood transfusion risks elsewhere on this site.

Paul Brown thought that BSE was not a risk to anyone anyway and so no blood will carry the agent. It is not clear how he wa so sure of this. As of March 1996 he has withdrawn this and his opinion concerning blood transfusion has not come through.

John Barbara has an open mind and is aware of all the other diseases that have been infused to produce dreadful results. With Peter Flanagan, he is the author of the editorial in Transfusion Medicine that is with Dr. Dealler's article.

Steve Dealler has calculated a range of numbers for the number of infected humans in the UK and has published the potential risk to other humans through BT (Transfusion Medicine, September, 1996). This article is not available to the public.


Remember! The blood transfusion experts may well have convinced themselves that CJD does not represent a risk!

Cashman, Neil
Centre for Research into Neurogenesis Diseases
6 Queen Pk Crescent
Canada M5S 1A8
416 978 1875
fax 416 978 1878
Involved in the bone marrow infectivity, treatment of TSE

Celso Bianco
New York Blood Center
310 East 67th St
New York
NY 10021
212 570 3000
FAX 212 794 1474
He was head of a subcommittee of the American Association of Blood Banks that was asked to aimed at producing a policy for CJD (published in May 1996).

Paul Brown
National Institute of Health
Washington DC
USA 20892
301 496 4000
Chairman of the American Committee concerning the CJD risk to humans through blood transfusion. Closely involved in the Food and Drug Administration's special Advisory Committee on CJD

John Barbara
Blood Transfusion Centre
Colindale Avenue
London NW9 5BG
0181 258 2700
Fax 0181 258 2965
Expert on the subject

Robin Barclay
Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service
Edinburgh Royal Infirmary
41 Lawriston Pl
Edinburgh EH3 9H
0131 225 9413
Has been working on the indication of PrPc in blood white cells using flow cytometry. Unfortunately there has been no way to look for infectivity in various fractions in vitro as yet.

Cashman, Neil
Researcher into the safety of blood products and is involved in looking for specific markers for infectivity in blood. He has carried out quite extensive searches for PrPc in bone marrow (and found plenty)
514 398 8532
fax- 514 398 7371

Sue Cunningham
National Blood Authority
01923 486800
She is the press person for them and answers questions well according to the DofH viewpoint

Dr. Brian Davis
Medicine Control Agency
Department of Health
Market Towers
1 Nine Elms Lane
London SW8 5NQ
0171 273 3000
0171 273 0456
Involved in the decision to withdraw all blood products of patients that have developed nvCJD

Steve Dealler
Medical Microbiology
Burnley General Hosp
Burnley BB10 2PQ
01282 474292
Has carried out the risk analyses on BSE as a risk to humans through blood transfusion

Peter Flanagan (Now replaced in Leeds, as he has gone to New Zealand in December 1998)
Leeds Blood Transfusion Centre
Bridle Path
Leeds LS15 7TW
0113 214 8600, (secretary 214 8647)
0113 214 8741
Was present (?) at the meeting Dr. Dealler gave in 1994 showing that the risks must not be ignored. Was an author of the editorial in Transfusion Medicine 1996;6:213-5 that simply states that we dont have enough information with which to say that BSE is not a risk through blood.

Joseph Fratantoni
Food and Drugs Administration
Division of Transfusion Transmitted diseases
1401 Rockville Pike,
Suite 200N
Have published specific policy reports on CJD transmission (1995). Has the contacts at the American Red Cross and a number of plasma fractionators. One problem is that the Blood Products Advisory Committee failed to reach concensus on all factors concerning CJD.

Harold Jaffe
Blood Born Pathogens
Center for Disease Control
Mailstop C12
1600 Clifton Rd NE
Georgia, USA

Paul Gully
Bureau of Infec Dis Labor Center of Disease Control,
Tunney's Pasture, PL06 03E1
Ottowa, Ontario,
Fax 001 613 952 6668

Rob James
Department of Community Health
University of Manitoba
750 Bannatyne Ave
MB, Canada R3E 0W3
001 204 231 8449
Involved in the 'Health and Risk' analysis concerning blood products. To speak at Oxford in July 1998 on this.

Paul R. McCurdy, MD
Director, Blood Resources Program
Division of Blood Diseases and Resources
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
National Institutes of Health
6701 Rockledge Drive, MSC 7950
Bethesda, MD 20892-7950

Brian McLelland
Edinburgh and SE Scotland Blood Transfusion
Edinburgh Royal Infirmary
41 Lawriston Pl
Edinburgh EH3 9HB
Fax 0131 536 5352
0131 536 5351
Administrator and medic from the Scottish BT service

Dr. P. Minor
Virology Department,
National Inst of Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC)
Blanche Lane
South Mimms
Potters Bar
Hertfordshire, UK
01707 654753
Involved in committees concerning virological transmission of infection through blood transfusion

Jean-Jaques Morgenthaler
Senior Vice President
ZLB Central Laboratory
Swiss Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service
Provides a lot of information concerning the partitioning of the TSE agents during ethanol fractionation of plasma, which has not yet been published.

Phillip Mortimer
Chief Virologist
Central Public Health Laboratory
Colindale Ave
London NW9 5EQ
0181 200 4400
Involved in the virology side of nvCJD risk and as such supplies information about blood transfusion risk to PHL. No research so far.

Dr. William Murphy
Now in charge of the Blood transfusion service in Ireland
00353 1660 3333
(a knowledgable person on the subject)

Dr. Angus Nichol
Central Public Health Laboratory
61 Colindale Avenue
0181 200 6868
(has just become involved at CPHL, mainly concerned with the risks for children)

Wayne Olson
Illinois 60401-0419
Fax 708 946 0907
Involved in producing a review on the infectivity of blood products for the US pharmaceutical industry.

Duncan Pepper
Academic Unit Blood Transfusion Service
Forrest Rd
0131 225 2290 (via academic unit)
0131 225 2875
email (this did not work when I tried it)
Chemist involved with the pharmacokinetics of chemicals that may be prophylactic against nvCJD. Worked with Joan Dawes ( that also did such work.

Maura Ricketts
(formerly working with Neil R. Cashman, Elizabeth Stratton, and Susie Math)
Blood borne Pathogens Division,
Bureau of Infectious Diseases
Laboratory Centre for Disease Control
511-11 Holland Ave,
PL 3005A
K1A 0L2
001 613 952 6633
As of the beginning of December 1998 she will be in the WHO at
Involved in the assessment of risks from CJD in blood. Try 0041 22 791-2303. Her secretary is Jean and she is at 0041-791-3466.

Robinson, Angela Dr.
Medical Director
National Blood Authority
Oak House
Reeds Crescent
01923 486800
Fax 01923 486801

Larry Schonberg
Assistant Director for Public Health,
In charge of CJD surveillance at CDC

Peter Simmonds
Medical Microbiology
University of Edinburgh
Teviot Place
0131 650 3138
Switchboard 650 1000
Fax 650 3140
Works on blood born infections with blood transfusion service: not on CJD currently

Elizabeth Stratton,
epidemiologist working on CJD project for federal government:

Edward Tabor
Division of Transfusion Transmitted Diseases
1401 Rockville Pike
USA 20852-1448
Involved in deciding the specific viewpoint for the FDA on the subject of prion disease and blood transfusion risk

Dr. Marc Turner
Academic Unit Blood Transfusion Service
Forrest Rd
0131 225 2290
fax 0131 225 2296
has been interested in potential risks from CJD.

Lesley Kaye
Consultant Haematologist
Sunderland General Infirmary
Autologous blood transfusion
46 Clarence Tce
Regents Pk
London NW1 4RD
0171 262 0945 (evening)
0802 308 335 (mobile)
email (out of date)
Involved in promoting autologous transfusion

Soldan, Kate
Central Public Health Laboratory
Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre
61 Colindale Avenue
London NW9 5EQ
0181 200 6868
FAX 171 200 7868
Involved in the calculation and estimation of risk levels. Not really got into BSE yet but may be soon.

Wallington, Tim
Director of Blood Transfusion for Midlands and South West
Southmead Rd
Bristol BS10 5ND
fax 0117 991 2002
0117 991 2000
Involved in the decisions being made about nvCJD and blood in the UK

Professor Waters
Blood Transfusion
St. Bartholemews Hospital

UK Haematologists that are involved in the safety of blood transfusion. Unfortunately almost all of these are transfusion haematologists and a lot of their data may have come from rather optimistic viewpoint:

Drug companies

Drug companies involved

Keith Lawson
Olton Bridge
245 Warwick Rd
W. Midlands B92 7AH
0121 706 8885

William Harrel
Alpha products
(company from the USA worried about the effect of infective blood on thier products)

Bio Products Lab
Dagger La
0181 905 1818
The technical director is Dr. Terence Snape and he has given talks at conferences to explain the effect that TSEs have had on the various plasma fractionation industries in the UK and USA

Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service
0131 664 2317

Immuno (Gammabulin)
01732 458101

UpJohn Pharmacia
01908 661101

Grifols UK (part of Grupo Grifols)
Howlett Way, Thetford,
Norfolk IP24 1HZ, UK
Barry Barber (managing director)
A major European Plasma Fractionator

Blood Transfusion Authority
Oak House
Reed Cresent
Watford, Herts, UK
0192 3 486000
(by the way the chairman of the National Blood Authority is Colin Walker, a farmer, and has recently been told he will have to leave because he has not carried out his post adequately)

European Plasma Fractionation Association (EPFA),
Plesmanlaan 125,
1066 CX Amsterdam
(Try WG Van Aken, who is also a person for the soc for blood transfusion (ISBT)

European Plasma Products Industry Assn EPPIA,
1100 New York Avenue,
NW Suite 1080,
Washington DC,20005,
USA, (Try Dr. W Brooks)

Norton Health Care
(try Josh Berkowitz or David Fakes)
European Headquarters
Albert Basin
Royal Docks
London E16 2QJ
08705 020304
fax 08705 32 33 34
Distributors of Pentosan polysulphate in the UK

Pressure groups

Pressure groups

Primary Immunodeficiency Association
David G Watters
Alliance House,
12 Caxton Street,
0171 976 7640
fax 0171 976 7641
(major haematology advisor Tim Wallington, 0117 991 2023, NBS Bristol, Southmead Rd, Bristol BS10 5ND). They are involved with a large amount of gamma globulin usage

Executives of the Haemophilia Centre Directors in the UK
Chairman Chris Ludlam
0131 536 2122
Decided that UK blood products for haemophiliacs should not be used.

Karin Pappenheim
The Haemophilia Society
Chesterfield House
385 Euston Rd
London NW1 3AU
0171 380 0600
Fax 0171 387 8220
Was warned about the potential risks from BSE in 1995. His major advisors are at the haematology unit at the Hammersmith Hospital.

Interested scientists around the world

People known to be interested in various countries

These are not necessarily the top experts but have shown a specific interest in the risk of BSE from blood transfusion in UK blood.

Berthon P
Unite Genetique et Immunite
37380 Nouzzilly

A. Blanc Michaud
69280 Marcy-l'Etoile

Bradley, Suzanne
Grecc (IIG)
VA Medical Center
2215 Fuller Rd
Ann Arbor
MI 48105

Burridge MJ
Department of Pathobiology
college of Vet Med
Uiversity of Florida
Box 110880
Gainsville Florida 32611-0880

Chapman, Andrew
Dept of medicine
Thomas Jefferson Univ
111 S. 11th St suite G6240

Chazot Pr. G
1 Place de L'Ecole
BP number 7021
69342 Lynon Cedex 07

Costa Joao V
Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia
Aparado 14
P-2781 Oeiras

Danbolt NC
Anatomical Institute
University of Oslo
PO Box 1105
0317 Oslo

Denis, Dr
Laboratoire de Bacteriologie Virologie
CHU Dupuytren
2 Ave Martin Luther King
87042 Limoges

Dufouil, Caole
Hopital de la Salpetriere
75651 Paris Cedex 13

Fmarola D
Instituto di Microbiologia Medica
Universita di Bari
Policlinico - Piazza G Cesare
1-70124 Bari

Ghetti Bernadino
med Schi Bldg A142
Pathology Department, IUMC
635 Barnhill Drive
Indiana 46202

Grosse St
Univ Leipzig
Inst f Biochemie
Talstre 33

Hedderwick, SA
Dept of Infectious Diseases, 111i
VA Medical Center
Ann Arbor
Michigan 48103

Janssen FW
Food Inspection Service
Box 9012
7200 GN Zutphen
The Netherlands

Brian Johnston
National Blood Service
Mersey and North Wales Centre
West Derby St
L7 8TW
Has been involved in a lecture in which large amounts of the data concerning the calculated risk of BSE trasmission was shown

Johnston, Lynn
Room 5014 - ACC
Victoria General Hospital
1278 Tower Rd
Nova Scotia,
Canada B3H 2Y9

Langhans, Wolfgang
Inst. for Animal Sciences
Swiss Fed. Inst of Technology
Universitatstr 2
8092 Zurich

Launay, Pr JM
Lab Biochimie
Hopital Lariboisiere
2 Rue Amoise Pare
75010 Paris

Marroquin, Padilla
World Health Organisation

Massari, Veronique
B3E, Faculte de medecine St Antoine
27 rue Chaligny
75571 Paris Cedex 12

Meslin, Francois
World Health Organisation

Nishimura, Rober
Vet Affairs Hospital
16111 Plummer St
California 91343

Palin William
IDEXX Labortories
FN - 10
One IDEXX Drive
Westbrook, Me 04092

Petz, LD
UCLA Medical Center
Transfusion Medicine
10833 Le Conte Ave
Los Angeles
Ca. 90095-1713,

Postaire, Eric
c/o CRE
59 bd Exelmans
75581 Paris cedex 16

Rumbach L
Serive de Neurologie
Besancon 25030

Siegert Pr M
Labor fur Protein Analytik
In den Kliniken des Th. Wenzel WerkesPotsdamer Chausee 69

Traub, Walter
Inst F. Med Microbiologie and Hyg
Haus 43
D 66421

Weber Dr. W-M
Institut F. Tierphysiologie
Wartweg 95
D-35392 Giessen

Commttee that is looking into prophylactic drugs for use in blood tranfusion against nvCJD

Stephen Dealler
Nich Wingfield
Mike McGovern
Tony Austen
Jim Hope
Members from Northern Health Care
Philip Mortimer
Tony Minor
Peter Flanagan
John Barbara
Angela Robinson
Mark Turner

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