Addresses of Official Organisations

These are mainly in the UK involved in BSE. An attempt is made to include many other in other countries but they have not been fully available to me.

Agriculture and Food Research Council
(now part of the BBSRC)
Field Station
01635 578411
Research centre for agriculture and food. The major place used in BSE research

British Cattle Movement Service
0845 0501234

Central Veterinary Laboratory
Weybridge, Surrey
KT15 3NB
019323 41111
Major epidemiology and diagnostics centre for BSE research

Giulio Cantini Cortellazzi
Centro di Referenza per le Encefalopatie Animali

Chief Veterinary Officer
Whitehall Place
London SW1A 2HH
0181 330 8050

Department of Health (UK Government)
Skipton House
80 London Rd
Elephant and Castle
London SW1
Good people to get hold of:

Dept of Neurology, Biochemistry and Biophysics
Univ of California San Francisco
USA 415 476 4482
(Centre for Prusiner et al)

Environment Agency
Stewart Stern
try Douglas Bryce on 0171 664 6700
This is the group that produced the document on environmental risks from BSE and are involved in deciding the acceptability of various methods of getting rid of BSE infected waste.

Hopital National de Saint Maurice
14 rue du Val d'Osne
94410 Saint Maurice
Produce a monthly newsletter 'Eurosurveillance' concerning the various cases and outbreaks of BSE, CJD and other communicable disease.

European Commission
Directorate General VI
Public Animal and Plant Health
Dr. Isabelle Peutz
Involved in the regulation of TSEs in the EC.

Moynagh, James
European Commission DG XXIV
Rue de Ia Loi 200
B-1049 Bruxelies
Phone: 0032-2-2958086
Fax: 0032-2-2957332
Email: james.moynagh


Vidall, Maria
European Commission DG12
Rue de Ia Loi/Wetstraat 200
B-1049 Brussels


Schimmel, Heinz G.
European Commission, Joint Research
Centre, IRMM
B-2440 Geel

Food and Drugs Administration
George A. (Bert) Mitchell,
Center for Veterinary Medicine (HFV-6),
Food and Drug Administration, 7500
Standish Pl.,
MD 20855,
(he is in charge of deciding the FDA policy on BSE)

Health and Safety Executive
Rose Court
2 Southark Bridge
London E1 9HS
0171 717 6000
Try J. Deans ext 6266

Health and Safety Executive
01742 892345
This is the place with the excellent library

Institute for Animal Health:

Institute for Animal Physiology and Genetics Research

Insitute for Grassland and Animal Production
Shinfield Research Station
Church Lane
Berks RG2 9AQ
01734 883103

Institute for Food Research

Intervention Board
01734 531133
David Younger
0118 958 3626
(this is the group that buys up excess agricultural produce and maintains agricultural prices. they are also the organisers of the buying up and burning of the meat and bone meal)

MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food)
Whitehall Place
London SW1A 2HH
0171 270 3000

European Community
External Trade Policy
Food Policy
Livestock Subsidies
Press Office
Try C Mannick 0171 270 8438

Government Buildings
Hook Rise,

Animal health
0181 337 6611 or try Dr. Matthews Senior Veterinary Officer 0181 330 8059 or try his secretary's email
BSE research
Information from Stephanie Townsend originally but she has now retired leaving Marcus Taylor on 0181 330 8400, or 0181 330 8254 Useful contacts at MAFF:
  • News Items concerning BSE: Martin Roberts 0171 238 6489
  • British Cattle Movement Scheme helpline 0845 050 1234
  • Date-Based Export Scheme (DBES) suggesting that cattle born after a certain date should be permitted by the EC for export: Alex Comber 0181 330 8782 or
  • SRM information about controls and how well they are being kept together following severe press pressure in 1998: Sandra lashley 0171 238 6313 (Slaughterhouses) and Martin Roberts on 0171 238 6489 (Other Premises) and Valerie Allen on 01232 524663 in Northern Ireland.
  • Authorisation of plants for the removal of sheep spinal cord should also contract Sandra Lashley 0171 238 6313
  • Feed Sampling Programme (to find out whether or not the feed being given to animals now may be infected still): Roy Smith 0181 330 8785
  • Approved sites for the production of specific factors (tallow, gelatine, etc): Lance Boxall 0181 330 8652
  • Import information concerning specific tissues from other countries: Nigel Widden 0181 330 8359
  • Ruth Pugh
    Veterinary Science Unit A
    St. Christopher House
    80-112 Southwark Street
    London SEl OUD
    Phone: 0044-171-921-3860
    Fax: 0044-171-921-1121

Meat Hygiene,
Tolworth Tower,
Surrey KT6 7DX

London SE99 7TP

Standards (Food, Fertilisers and Foodstuffs)
Great Westminster Hs,
Horseferry Rd
London SW1P 2AF
0171 216 6311

MAFF Food Science Labs:

National Food Survey 0171 270 8563
(have done a specific and precise survey of meat eating in the UK recently)

Meat and Livestock Commission
Main Office
Winterhill House
Milton Keynes

01908 609826
(Phillip Saunders - Press Office, Chriss Brown, Julian Bryant, Jerry Asher for data)

Meat Hygiene Service
Foss House,
Kings Pool
1-2 Peasholme Green
01904 455501
Its duty is to make sure that no hygiene (including SBM) irregularities take place in abattoirs.

Medical Research Council
20 Park Crescent
London W1N 4AL
0171 636 5422

Milk Marketing Board
(now under a different name)
Thames Ditton,
0181 398 4101
(did a very good survey of the number of milking cattle in the country and their ages, data from Kevin Bellamy on ext 2489 or 3210 or from Julian Bienkowski or Trish Tye)

Medicines Control Agency Any Drugs that may be of value in the treatment of TSEs in humans and animals have to go through this.
Market Towers
Nine Lane
London SW8 5NQ
They are a useful lot but overworked. Try Elaine Godfrey, Brian Davies, or Dr Jeffreys (top man).
0171 273 0487/0456

National Inst of British Standards (NIBSC) They have been given the job of making sure that potential treatments or tests for TSEs are adequate and quality controlled. Blanch Lane
South Mimms,
Potters Bar,
Herts EN6 3QG
Try Phil Minor
fax: 01707 646730
01707 654753

National Institute of Health
Laboratory for Persistent Viral Diseases
Rocky Mountain Labs
USA 59840
406 363 3211
(in vivo and in vitro lab centre for TSE research)

National Institute of Health
Laboratory of Central Nervous Studies,
National Inst of Neuropathological Diseases and Stroke Bethesda,
USA 20892
301 496 4000
(in vivo and in vitro lab centre for TSE research: especially CJD. Gadjusek's lab)

Neuropathogenesis Unit
Kings Building Campus
West Mains Rd
0131 667 5204
(in vivo and in vitro lab centre for BSE research)

Norwegian Department of Agriculture.
Dag Henning Reksnes
telnr +47 22 24 90 90
Remember that the Norwegians have had an epidemic of scrapie and this may well be due to scrapie or BSE

Norwegian Department of Animal Health
Eivin Liven and Gunnar Hagen
telnr: +47 22 24 19 40

NY State Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Diseases,
Department of Virology
Forest Hill Rd
Staten Island
NY 10314
USA 718 494 0600
(a major research centre into TSE)

Office International des Epizooties (OIE) They are involved in keeping the details of the diseases and the numbers where they can get them. There is a regular bulletin from them concerning BSE
I do not have their full details here but there is a contact:
Yoshiyuki Oketani
Information and International Trade Department
12 rue de Prony
F-75017 Paris
Phone: 0033-144151888
Fax: 0033-1-42670987

Office of Population Census and Surveys
10 Kingsway, London
0171 242 0262 (I think that they have moved)
(this would look up reported levels of cases of death for instance)

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America BSE Committee:
F. Bader, G. Davis, M. Dinowitz, B Garfingle,, J. Harvey etc
Send contacts to Gillian Woollett, Assistant Vice President,
Biotechnology and Biologics
1100 15th St
NW Washington DC 20005
202 835 3400

Spongiform Encephalopathy Advisory Committee
Professor Patisson (now changed post to the Dept of Health) His chairmanship is now taken over until further appointment by Prof Smith of SEAC
Dean of the Medical School
University College Medical School
Gower St
London WC1E 6BT
Further members

Remember that a lot of changes have taken place with the membership of SEAC. Barlow and Pickles were members in 1990, and Hueston was only brought in by 1991. Full information about the change of the members is obtainable from SEAC. There are also a number of sub-committees that advise on specific aspects and are then disbanded. Recently at least 3 have left SEAC (Dec '98); Almond, Will, and Fred Brown.

College of Veterinary Medicine
99164 7030
USA 509 335 3564
(Much of USDA work on animals and BSE goes on here)

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
at (301)-734-7799.
For information about USDA action on BSE

Food Safety and Inspection
Service at (202) 720-9113.
For information about BSE as it relates to food safety issues

World Health Organisation
Maura Ricketts
(formerly working with Neil R. Cashman, Elizabeth Stratton, and Susie Math in Canada)
Blood borne Pathogens Division,
Bureau of Infectious Diseases
Laboratory Centre for Disease Control
511-11 Holland Ave,
PL 3005A
K1A 0L2
001 613 952 6633
Involved in the assessment of risks from CJD in blood. Try 0041 22 791-2303. Her secretary is Jean and she is at 791-3466.
Now at WHO:
World Health Organisation
Ave Appia 27
CH-1211 Cenf
Phone: 0041-22-791-3935
Fax: 0041-22-791-4893
TeL 0041-22-791-3935
Yale University School of Medicine
333 Cedar St
New Haven
Conneticut 06510
USA 203 785 4442

Significant People found at Conferences

Batza, Hans-Joachimf
Bundesministerium fur Ernahrung,
Landwirtschaft und Forsten
Postfach 140270
53107 Bonn
Fax: 00228-529-4262

Dejaegher, Jean-Jacques
Abbott Laboratories
9RB AP6c
100 Abbott Park Road
Abbott Park, IL 60064-6093
Phone: 001-847-935-0939
Fax: 001-847-935-4604

Dodet, Betty E.
Fondation Merieux
Direction Scientifique
17, Rue Bourgelat
F-69002 Lyon
Phone: 0033-472407972
Fax: 0033-472407950

Fernandes, Ana C.
LNIV - National Veterinary Research
Rua de Santa Catarina 753
4000 Porto, Portugal
Phone: 00351-2-208-7110
Fax: 00351-2.203-0544

Ferreira Hamilton
LNIV - National Veterinary Research
Estrada de Benfica 701
P-1500 Lisboa
Phone: 00351-1-711-5312
Fax: 00351-1-711-5280

Galo, Alexandre J.
LNIV - National Veterinary Research
Laboratory BSE
Estrada de Benfica 701
1500-Lisbon, Portugal
Phone: 00351-1-716-0448
Fax: 00351-1-711-5280

Giese, Matthias
Boehringer Ingelheim
Corporate Research & Development
35216 Ingelheim
Phone: 06132-77-7061
Fax: 06132-773592

Gonzalez, Belen
Instituto de Quimica-Fisica Rocasolano
Macromaleculas Biologicas
Serrano 119
28006 Madrid
Phone: 0034-91-56194001308
Fax: 0034-91-5642431

Grandien-Kovamees, Monica
National Institute of Infectious Disease
Control, Stockholm
Dept. Virology
17182 Solna, Sweden
Phone: 0046-84572697
Fax: 0046-8-337272

Klass, Michael
Abbott Laboratories
100 Abbott Park Road
Abbott Park, IL 60064-6015
Phone: 001-847-937-2148
Fax: 001-847-937-1219

Kiemig, Michael J.
CSL Limited
189-209 Camp Road
Broadmeadows, Victoria
3047 Australia
Phone: 0061-3-9246-5499
Fax: 0061-3-9246-5469

Kovacs, Gabor G.
Semmelweis University of Neurology
Balassa 6
H-i 083 Budapest
Phone: 0036-1-200337

Louza, Armandu C.
Faculdade Medicine Veterinaria
R. Gomes Freire
1169-014 Lisboa
Phone: 00351-1-3142023
Fax: 00351-1-3174856

Lynch, David
Department of Agriculture and Food
Kildare Street
Dublin 2
Pone: 00353-1-6072792
Fax: 00353-1-6619031

MacDiarmid, Stuart C.
Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry
Biosecurity Authority
P.O Box 2526
101-103 The Terrace
Wellington, New Zealand
Phone: 0064-4-4744100
Fax: 0064-4-4744133

Pichot, Roxane
660 Route des Lucioles
F-06560 Valbonne-Sophia Antiopolis
Phone: 0033-493-957767
Fax: 0033-493-957708

Ramos, Manuel A.
LNIV - National Veterinary Research
Lahoratory BSE
Rua de Santa Catarina 753
4000 Porto, Portugal
Phone: 00351-2-208-7110
Fax: 00351-2-203-0544

Reichl, Herwig E.
Haemosan GmbH
Kalingasse 20
A-8045 Graz
Phone: 0043-316-681713
Fax: 0043-316-681713

Ridoux, Claude
5KW Biosystems
Direction Gelatine & Specialite's
Chemin Moulin Premier
F-84808 Isle-Sur-La-Sorgue Cedex
Phone: 0033-4-9021-3166
Fax: 0033-4-9021-3140

Rogaiski-Salter, Taryn A.
Merck & Co., Inc.
Bioanalytical Development
P0 Box 4, WP 36M-8
West Point, PA 18960
Phone: 001-215-652-3838
Fax: 001-215-993-3685

Savey, Marc
23 avenue du Gineral de Gaulle
F-94701 Maisons-Alfort
Phone: 0033-1-49771358
Fax: 0033-1-49779005

Sinogas, Carlos
Parque de Saude de Lisboa, Ave. Brasil 53
1749-004 Lisboa
Phone: 00351-1-7987100
Fax: 00351-1-7987316

Thyer, James
CSL Ltd.
Bio~ma Division
189-208 Camp Rd
Broadmeadows, Vic 3047
Phone: 0061-3-9344-5874
Fax: 0061-3-9344-4004

Tonelli, Quentin
IDEXX Labs, Inc.
One Idexx Drive
Westbrook, Maine 04092
Phone: 001-207-856-0417
Fax: 001-207-856-0948

.Toumazos, Pavlos G
Veterinary Services
1417 Nicosia, Cyprus
Phone: 00357-2-805280
Fax: 00357-2-332803

Vey, Martin
Centenon Pharma GmbH
Postfach 1230
35002 Marburg
Phone: 06421-395837
Fax: 06421-394690

Volkel, Dirk
Baxter Hyland Immuno
Molecular Pathology
lndustriestr. 72
1221 Vienna
Phone: 0043-1-20 100-2500
Fax: 0043-1-20 100-515

Weimer Thomas
Centeon Pharma GmbH
Emil-von-Behring-Str. 76
35041 Marburg
Phone: 06421-394740
Fax: 06421-394690

Weimer, Udo
Bundesministerium fur Ernahrung
Landwirtschaft und forsten
Postfach 140270
53107 Bonn
fax 00228 529-4262
Email; e-mail to

Steve Dealler at

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