Names and addresses of public health doctors involved with BSE

By rights BSE should have been a public health subject from early in its appearance in the UK. For some reason it was kept out from the Public Health Laboratory Service, information was given to the Tyrrell Committee, and the committee's decisions were taken as having used PH advice, which seems never to have taken place.

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Will Patterson
Public Health Doctor
North Yorkshire Health Authority
Sovereign House,
Kettlestring Lane
Clifton Moor,
York YO3 4XF
(spent a long time making absolutely sure his paper was correct, and sent it to many experts to make sure that they agreed. He has a lot of men and women on his side)

Deborah Bairstow
Stoke Environmental Health Dept

JP Clewley
Central Public Health Laboratory
61 Colindale Avenue
London NW9 5EQ
0181 200 4400

The director general of public health at EC
Ceri Jones
or Georgios Gonvras
C-80 03/32
Rue de la Loi 200

Vicky Evans
Plymouth and Torbay Health Authority

Philip James
Wrexham Environmental Helath Dept
He is perfectly aware of the problems that are building up and is also aware that MAFF's statistics are not the whole truth.

Margaret Marriot
Public Health Trust

Martin Schweiger
12 Montagu Pl
Leeds 8
0113 2 781 341
involved in the opening of information concerning BSE and the effect on public health

Eric Hodson
Graduate School of Public Health, SDSU
2060 Huntington Avenue, Alexandria, VA
703 960 4501
703 222 3578

Professor Tim Lang
Centre for Food Policy
Unviersity of Surrey

Joan Miller
Sheffield Health Authority

Philip Milner
Rotherham Health Authorities
(he knows a lot about the subject and was at the meeting at the National Food Alliance. It may have been him that quoted some of MAFF's figures back to Kieth Meldrum and produced a red face.)

Public Health Trust
138 Digbeth,
Birmingham B5 6DR
0121 643 7628
(a very useful source of contacts concerning PH and BSE) Try Maggie Winters, John Rice or Michael Joffe (also to be found at St. Marys's Hosp Medical School at Praed St. in London)

Ann Whitcombe
Wealden Environmental Health Dept

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