Independent Organisations

These are mainly in the UK but some external ones are included. The list as of 3.1.97 is pretty poor and will be expanded. Hopefully this will be a useful source. Animal Health Trust
Lanivader Hall

Assn of British Neurologists
National Hospital
Queens Square
London WC1N 3BG
0171 837 3611

Assn of Public Health
Env. Health
Educational Authority Hamilton Hs
Mabeldon Pl
London WC1H 9TX
0171 402 0135
(not particularly helpful. I am not really sure what they do. this may be an independent group from general PH workers)

British Meat Manufacturers Assn
19 Cornwall Tce
0171 935 7980
(near to Smithfield Market)

British Small Animals Veterinary Assn
7 Mansfield St
London W1M 0AT

British Veterinary Assn
3 Whitehall Cresent
London SW1A 2EQ
(a very posh address)

British Veterinary Zooloigical Society
1 The Orchards
Leighton Buzzard

Epidemiological Research Unit
Univ of Manchewster Med School
Manchester M13 9PT
0161 275 2000
(Not really interested in BSE)

Faculty of Public Health Medicine
Royal College of Physicians
4 St. Andrews Place
Regent's Pk
London NW1 4LB
0171 935 0243

E. Finchley
0181 442 1472 (marketing)

Mordun Institute
Veterinary School
0131 664 3262

National Farmers Union
25-31 Knightsbridge
London SW1X 7NJ
0171 331 7200 or: 22 Long Acre London WC2E 9OY 0171 331 7200 (try Ian Gardiner; see 'gossip' and Naish)

National Farmers Union of Scotland
17 Groscenor Crescent
EH12 5EN
0131 337 4333

Society of British Neurosurgeons
Atkinson Morley Hosp
Copse Hill
London SW20

UK Agricultural Supply Trade Assn
3 Whitehall Cresent
London SW1A 2EQ
(a very posh address)

UK Dairy Assn
Nunwell Dunford Ho
Portsmouth Rd

Vegan Soc
47 Highlands Rd
KT22 8NQ
(or 7 Battle Rd, St Leanords on sea, E. Sussex TN37 7AA, 01424 427393)

Waste Food Feeders Assn
Hall Lane Farm
Little Warley

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